The Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan Association is a non-profit with tax identification number G-60489937, registered under number 15108 in the Catalan Regional Government Register of Associations. It was incorporated on 30 November 1993 with a mission to improve the conditions of economic and social progress in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

This mission is specified in:

  • Develop and monitor the strategic planning process of the metropolitan area of Barcelona, as well as ensure its implementation
  • Promote and disseminate the culture and methodology of strategic planning as an instrument of citizen participation in its economic development processes
  • Participate in other associations or institutions of a similar nature

Any person or organisation that wishes to form part can address a letter (by email or post) to the Steering Council requesting their inclusion, which will be ratified by the General Council. Access is free and does not involve the payment of any fee.

The funding of the PEMB is based on voluntary contributions from the promoters and founders which ensure the normal operation of the association. It also receives funding from grants or other contributions for the development of specific projects.

The Steering Council, the governing body of the entity, annually approves the proposed budget and work plan, subsequently ratified by the General Council, which acts as the general assembly. It also approves the proposed activity report, the settlement of the budget and the preparation of the annual accounts. The annual accounts are audited. The exercise of positions in the governing bodies of the PEMB is honorary and free, and no attendance allowances are deserved.

The General Coordinator is the person delegated by the Steering Council to carry out the implementation, coordination, and monitoring of the strategic plans. It is appointed by the Steering Council from among recognised experts and specialists. His term of office is open-ended and he receives remuneration as a full-time employee.

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