Strategic plans

Creation of a new Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan for 2030

To mark the 30th anniversary of the first General Council, and therefore of the official beginning of strategic planning in our city, the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan Association has announced the development of the next strategic plan: 'Barcelona Demà. Compromís Metropolità 2030' This new plan will take international agendas into account, particularly the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda.

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Barcelona Vision 2020 (2010-2020)

This plan emerged from a review of the previous plan issued in 2007, based on the perceived need to update the strategy before the first signs of the crisis.

It aimed to make the metropolis more attractive to attain a new economic boost and was based on levels of social cohesion that began to be threatened in other cities around the world.

Focus: attractiveness.

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1st Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan (2003-2010)

This plan resulted from the renewed association that was renamed the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PEMB) in 2000 to adapt its field of reference to the reality of urban dynamics.

It set out to knit greater cooperation between municipalities and different socioeconomic actors to help it as a metropolis to transition to a higher level of economic and social development.

Focus: transformation from a city to a metropolis.

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3rd Barcelona Strategic Economic and Social Plan (1999-2005)

This was approved at a time when it was necessary to focus on an economic strategy to recover from the post-Olympic crisis and incorporate a vector of sustainability.

It aimed to position the city internationally within an incipient context of inter-city networking and included a vision of Barcelona as an open and knowledgeable city respectful of its local surroundings.

Focus: city of knowledge.

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2nd Barcelona Strategic Economic and Social Plan 2000 (1994-1998)

This plan sprang from the review of the first plan and was designed to consolidate the city's international presence once the immediate benefits had been obtained after successfully holding the Olympic Games.

Focus: consolidation of international presence



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Barcelona Strategic Economic and Social Plan 2000 (1990-1994)

This formula was intended to support the city's transformation ahead of the Olympic Games and to define a shared future vision to achieve by the year 2000.

It aimed to reach major agreements to establish Barcelona as an entrepreneurial European metropolis with an impact on its broader regional surroundings in the Mediterranean (macro-region), improving the people's quality of life and maintaining social balance.

Focus: putting Barcelona on the international map.

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