1st Economic and Social Strategic Plan 2000

  • 19-03-1990
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On 19 March 1990, the first Barcelona Strategic Plan was approved.
This first plan contained a statement of intentions of the most important economic and social institutions in the territory at that time (Barcelona City Council, Chamber of Commerce, Economics Circle, Comissions Obreres, Zona Franca Consortium, Fira de Barcelona, Foment del Treball Nacional, Port of Barcelona, Unió General de Treballadors and University of Barcelona) which said the following:
“All institutions sensitive to and concerned about the future of the city and representative of its economic and social sectors and of its area, unanimously agree to dedicate the necessary efforts to carry out this Strategic Plan for the good of Barcelona and of its citizens”.

1st Economic and Social Strategic Plan 2000

The Plan's General Objective:

To consolidate Barcelona as an entrepreneurial European metropolis that is influential in the macro-region in which it is situated; has a modern quality of life; is socially balanced and strongly rooted in Mediterranean culture.

Strategic lines:

  • To configure Barcelona as one of the “directional centres” of the macro-region. To achieve greater interconnectedness between the city and its area of influence and internally.
  • To improve people's quality of life and their individual progress. To favour people's progress, by increasing opportunities in terms of training, culture and quality of life.
  • To strengthen industry and advanced services for enterprise. To favour economic progress, promoting the modernisation of the industrial fabric and an offering of services suitable for the new requirements of the modern economy.


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