3rd Strategic Economic and Social Plan of Barcelona

(under the 1999-2005 perspective)

  • 18-05-1999
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The third Strategic Plan of Barcelona was approved on 18 May 1999.

From 2000 onwards, the sphere of action of the strategic plan was extended to the entire metropolitan area of Barcelona.

3rd Strategic Economic and Social Plan of Barcelona


  • To drive processes of economic, social and urban transformation in Barcelona in order to situate it in the foremost group of urban regions of the new information and knowledge society of the 21st century.
  • To become consolidated as one of the most important metropolitan regions in the European network of cities and connect to the broader worldwide network of cities by way of its specificities and its own unique identity.

Strategic lines

  • To continue advancing in positioning the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona as one of the most active and sustainable urban areas of the EU.
  • To prioritise policies that stimulate an increase in the employment rate, especially among the most underprivileged groups in the community.
  • To facilitate the evolution towards the city of knowledge by promoting new sectors of activity.
  • To guarantee the social cohesion of its inhabitants.
  • To play an important role in the evolution of Europe and develop a specific positioning in Spain and abroad (especially in the Mediterranean area and in Latin America).

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