The First Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan

  • 10-03-2003
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This Strategic Plan, approved on 10 march 2003 by the PEMB General Council, was the first with metropolitan scope.

The First Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan


  • Adapting to the new context arising from the renewed European Union in order to manage with maximum efficiency the process of economic, social and political change that should permit the metropolitan area of Barcelona to continue advancing its position among the most advanced European regions.
  • Ensuring that quality of life, the wellbeing of citizens and culture are the parameters that guide the evolution of this territory, as a response to the process of adaptation towards new models of today's society.
  • Making the AMB grow on the basis of the renewal of its sectors, along the route of the greatest added value and that of giving impetus to other sectors that will be based on the generation and dissemination of knowledge as a basic raw material.
  • Considering human capital as the most valuable resource. Making universities and other research centres work in coordination as driving forces of this transformation.

 Strategic lines

  • To make innovation, creativity and knowledge the basis of competitiveness and progress for the AMB, valuing the potential that exists and facilitating the dissemination and application of new knowledge that is generated and collected.
  • To act on those elements that intervene in what we call the productivity of the territory (the dynamic elements of the territory itself), in order to guarantee people's progress, within a context of economic, social and environmental sustainability (mobility, housing, quality of life, culture, etc.).
  • To equip itself with the mechanisms necessary to ensure efficient management of the territory

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