Barcelona Vision 2020

  • 02-11-2010
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The Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan – Vision 2020, approved on 2 November 2010, aimed to consolidate the AMB as one of the most attractive and influential European regions for innovative talent, with a quality model for social integration and cohesion.

Barcelona - Vision 2020

To make this vision a reality, the strategic proposal was structured around six challenges and five levers for change.


  1. Sustainability and climate change. 
  2. Situate the AMB as a reference in the new global framework.
  3. Be a global leader in certain driving sectors of knowledge. 
  4. Go beyond the “bio” companies. 
  5. Become one of the most attractive European regions for innovative talent.
  6. Work to make an interesting and socially balanced society.

To tackle these challenges, the Plan identified five levers for change to act as structuring axes for overcoming the challenges:

  1. A powerful university and education system 
  2. A fast and reliable administration that is business friendly.
  3. Governance that offers innovative criteria in the management of strategic projects and that reinforces public-private co-responsibility in its leadership.
  4. Values for the future that complement and strengthen the basis of current and traditional values that bring new character to the city and its residents.
  5. Broad knowledge of languages that facilitates internationalisation, the attracting of talent and full incorporation into the world markets. An international airport and the Barcelona brand.

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