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The coordination office is in charge of the PEMB's day-to-day operations, of developing the metropolitan strategic plan in force, of updating and renewing it, of generating and facilitating coordination on a metropolitan scale, and of promoting knowledge about strategic planning.

Team members

oriol oriol
Oriol Estela Barnet
General Coordinator

Economist and geographer. Local development and strategic planning professional since 1995, first in public administration consultancy (1995-2005) and subsequently in Barcelona Provincial Council (2005-2016), with regular participation in various conferences, training activities and publications. Ensures compliance with the PEMB objectives and manages the coordination office.
david david
David Rodrguez Borrs
Technical Secretary

Economist and political scientist.  Previously worked as an economist at the Institute for Economic Analysis and at Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. He has been an adviser to various foundations linked to cultural activities, participating in the preparation of their respective strategic plans. He has also been a lecturer at the UAB and the UPF. He is Technical Secretary of the PEMB, where he supports the General Coordinator and is in charge of subjects linked to the economy.
cristina cristina
Cristina Prat Abell

Gives the PEMB team administrative support. Collaborates with the maintenance and updating of the database and with the management of activities. Liaises with the managers of the coworking space, where the PEMB coordination office is located.
Edith Rey Edith Rey
Edith Rey

Technical higher education in Administration and Finance. More than 20 years' professional experience in the field of administration. She has worked as an administrative accountant and production secretary in the editorial and audiovisual sectors. In the PEMB she works with the Technical Secretary on the Association's administrative and accounting tasks. She is responsible for personnel management, payments and accounting.
irene irene
Irene Navarro Sol
Technical Office Coordinator

Environmentalist. Specialized in town planning, territorial planning and participation. Worked in environmental consultancy and, then, in a freelance capacity, on the development of projects related to sustainability, landscape and territory, applying participation and communication tools. In the PEMB, she coordinates the Technical Office team and works on issues relating to the Master Plan for Town Planning and facilitation processes.
maria maria
Maria Cortada de la Pea
Technical Office

Political scientist with a vocation for local administration. Has worked in organizational and process consultancy, strategic consultancy, programme assessment and, from 2009, in the PEMB technical office, with the technical management of the work commissions. Currently specializes in issues of metropolitan governance, implementation of the 2030 Agenda and monitoring the work to achieve the SDGs. She also deals with issues of foresight and future studies.
Nella Nella
Nella Saborit Esteve
Technical Office

Civil engineer. Specialist in transport and mobility with a master's degree in Smart Transport Systems from the UPC. Worked in various bodies of the Generalitat. As a self-employed professional, she collaborated on different mobility projects in the city of Barcelona and in Sabadell. In the PEMB, she is in charge of matters concerning infrastructures, mobility and the Master Plan for Town Planning.
marc marc
Marc Lpez Forn
Technical Office

Economist from the UB's EUS programme of excellence and master's degree in the History of Science from the CEHIC. His two final projects dealt with the theses of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and degrowth. His main tasks in the PEMB are related to food policies and facilitation processes.
Luisa Fernanda Luisa Fernanda
Luisa Fernanda Pinto Rodrguez
Technical Office

Lawyer. Specialized in urban planning law, with a master's degree in Territorial Planning and Environmental Management from the UB. She has worked on urban planning development at local level and with trade associations in the private sector in relation to regional planning and housing policies. In the PEMB she takes care of issues relating to the Master Plan for Town Planning, housing and collaborates in facilitation processes.
David beda Halcn David beda Halcn
David beda Halcn
Technical Office

Political scientist with a master's degree in Public Management from the UAB. As a university student, he spent a year studying at Tampere University (Finland), focusing his studies on Finnish municipalism, the growth of Euroscepticism and new educational models. He is currently interested in the challenges of digital governance and the creation of public policies using digital data. In the PEMB he works on updating and monitoring the Strategic Projects Map and investigates new strategic plans.
jlia jlia
Jlia Brosa Hernndez
Communication and Press Coordinator

Journalist specialized in press offices with a master's degree in Social Communication. She has experience in the internal and external communication sector, particularly in media relations and events organization. She is responsible for the entire communication strategy and the coordination of PEMB activities.
paula paula
Paula Salvatella Filella

Journalist. Experience in the audiovisual sector for various non-governmental organizations in spheres of international cooperation, feminism and health. In the PEMB, she is responsible for managing the social media, giving the corporate image consistency, photography and design.
Bego F. Simn Bego F. Simn
Bego F. Simn

Journalist specialized in content and digital strategy. She has more than 15 years' experience in television and audiovisual products. She has worked at TVE, 8TV and also from the Parliament of Catalonia for the Xarxa de Televisions Locals. She has a deep knowledge of internal and external communication and currently oversees the storytelling and content of the PEMB.
lluisa lluisa
Llusa Gurdia Torrents
Institutional Relations

Philologist and cultural activist. From 1990 to 2004 she worked in the postgraduate training center at the UB. In 2004 she joined the area of communication in the PEMB and since 2020 she has been in charge of institutional relations to promote communication with associates and create links with other agents in the metropolis. She actively collaborates in the promotion of culture.
Armanta Herrero Cabrejas Armanta Herrero Cabrejas
Amaranta Herrero Cabrejas
Strategic Coordinator. World Capital of Sustainable Food

Agricultural engineer and sociologist. Specialist in socio-ecological conflicts with a master's degree in ecological economics and a doctorate in environmental sciences. She has worked as a researcher in the field of ecological sociology and as a professor at the UAB. In the PEMB she oversees the strategic coordination of the 2021 World Capital of Sustainable Food project.
Lidn Martrat Sanfeliu Lidn Martrat Sanfeliu
Lidn Martrat Sanfeliu
Operational Coordinator. World Capital of Sustainable Food

Political scientist with a master's degree in Public Management. She has worked in international cooperation since 2000, both as an expatriate in Central America and in the area of project management and strategic planning of organizations. Over the last 8 years she has specialized in the field of food sovereignty (marketing, education, health and public procurement channels). In the PEMB she oversees the operational coordination of the World Capital of Sustainable Food.
Laia Sabater Daz Laia Sabater Daz
Laia Sabater Daz
Events and Communication. World Capital of Sustainable Food

A bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and a master's degree in Event Management. With experience in communication and marketing in the area of social and solidarity economics and the third sector, event management, social consulting, project coordination and the management of entities and organizations. Responsible for events and communication for the Barcelona World Capital of Sustainable Food.
Marina Barroso Marina Barroso
Marina Barroso
Urban Food Policy Specialist. World Capital of Sustainable Food

Environmental scientist involved in food sovereignty and social and solidarity economics, both at a personal and professional level. She has 15 years' professional experience in projects for environmental awareness and training and is the founder of entrepreneurship and cooperative economy initiatives to promote change in the socioeconomic model, placing people and the territory at the center. Since 2018 she has been a food policy specialist, coordinating projects to promote healthy, fair and sustainable food in Barcelona.
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