Coordination office


The coordination office is in charge of the PEMB's day-to-day operations, of developing the metropolitan strategic plan in force, of updating and renewing it, of generating and facilitating coordination on a metropolitan scale, and of promoting knowledge about strategic planning.

Team members

oriol oriol
Oriol Estela i Barnet
General Coordinator

Economist and geographer. Local development and strategic planning professional since 1995, first in public administration consultancy (1995-2005) and subsequently in Barcelona Provincial Council (2005-2016), with regular participation in various conferences, training activities and publications. Ensures compliance with the PEMB objectives and manages the coordination office.

david david
David Rodrguez i Borrs
Technical Secretary

Economist and political scientist.  Previously worked as an economist at the Institute for Economic Analysis and at Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. He has been an adviser to various foundations linked to cultural activities, participating in the preparation of their respective strategic plans. He has also been a lecturer at the UAB and the UPF. He is Technical Secretary of the PEMB, where he supports the General Coordinator and is in charge of subjects linked to the economy.

nuria nuria
Nria Mulero Jan

Supports the General Coordinator and manages his diary. Collaborates with the Technical Secretary on administrative tasks related to the Association in contact with external advisers, personnel management, payments and accounting.

cristina cristina
Cristina Prat Abell

Gives the PEMB team administrative support. Collaborates with the maintenance and updating of the database and with the management of activities. Liaises with the managers of the CREC coworking space, where the PEMB coordination office is located.

maria maria
Maria Cortada i de la Pea
Technical Office

Political scientist with a vocation for local administration. Has worked in organizational and process consultancy, strategic consultancy, programme assessment and, from 2009, in the PEMB technical office, with the technical management of the work and participation commissions. At present, she is specialized in issues of metropolitan governance and future prospects and studies.

marc marc
Marc Lpez Forn
Technical Office

Economist from the University of Barcelona's EUS programme of excellence and master's degree in the History of Science from the CEHIC. His two final projects dealt with the theses of Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and degrowth. His main tasks in the PEMB are related to food policies and facilitation processes.

Nella Nella
Nella Saborit Esteve
Technical Office

Civil engineer. Specialist in transport and mobility with a master's degree in Smart Transport Systems from the UPC. Worked in various bodies of the Generalitat. As a self-employed professional, she collaborated on different mobility projects in the city of Barcelona and in Sabadell. In the PEMB, she is in charge of matters concerning infrastructures, mobility and the Master Plan for Town Planning.

irene irene
Irene Navarro Sol
Technical Office

Environmentalist. Specialized in town planning, territorial planning and participation. Worked in environmental consultancy and, then, in a freelance capacity, on the development of projects related to sustainability, landscape and territory, applying participation and communication tools. In the PEMB, she is responsible for the issues linked to the Master Plan for Town Planning and facilitation processes.

jlia jlia
Jlia Brosa Hernndez
Communication and Press Coordinator

Journalist. Specialized in press offices. Has 12 years' experience in the sector, in both internal and external communication, above all in media relations. Worked in the public sphere as press editor of Rubí Town Council and of ICV. She is responsible for the PEMB's overall communication strategy.

lluisa lluisa
Llusa Gurdia i Torrents

Philologist and cultural journalist. Specialist in the management of postgraduate education (UB 1990-2004) and in communication since 2005. Has given Catalan classes at the Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística (Consortium for Linguistic Normalization). She collaborates on the promotion of culture, above all the performing arts. In the PEMB, she is in charge of internal communication, institutional relations and the coordination of activities.

paula paula
Paula Salvatella Filella

Journalist. Experience in the audiovisual sector for various non-governmental organizations in spheres of international cooperation, feminism and health. In the PEMB, she is responsible for managing the social media, giving the corporate image consistency, photography and design.

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