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Study on a logistics district in Barcelona

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  • 2009
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In late June 2009, a report was published on the possibilities of the Barcelona area consolidating its position as the logistics area of the south of Europe. 

Project Leader

Pla Estratègic Metropolità de Barcelona

The study starts from the concept of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area as a space with special characteristics due its unusually compact and well-connected space. The current extensions of its port, its airport and airport city and the Zona Franca logistics space, are the key pieces that make up the area.

The most interesting conclusions of the report are:

  • There are some great opportunities for logistics development in relation to the Atlantic and Nordic coastal platforms.
  • Road and railway infrastructures are vital for the accessibility of the logistics area, with railways and long-distance access as priorities.
  • The competitiveness of the logistics areas as regards costs must be improved.
  • Current airport infrastructures must be taken full advantage of, to increase participation in logistics traffic.
  • The logistics ceiling must be raised to levels similar to other logistics areas, a minimum of 1 m2 per inhabitant (total increase of 1.9 million m2).
  • Methods must be coordinated among the actors involved to bring greater efficiency to logistics management.

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