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FCB Sports City: a new metropolitan hub

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The land occupied by the Ciutat Esportiva is just 4.5 km away from the Camp Nou and is directly connected by the road between Barcelona and Sant Joan Despí.

Project Leader

Juan Manuel Bermúdez García, Sant Joan Despí Town Council's head of Urban Development and Urban Planning Discipline.

The objective of the project is to promote the growth of the FCB Sports City in the municipal district of Sant Joan Despí, as well as the development of a new hub for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

The sports city is already up and running, with some 7,400 m2 of the 27,300 m2 planned already built and in use.

The main aims of the project are:

  • To permit the building of a singular tertiary complex with 30,000 m2 assigned to office space, in front of the B-23 motorway, to act as an access gateway to the metropolitan conurbation.
  • To facilitate the introduction of certain complementary uses required by the FCB Sports City, such as hotel use.
  • To incorporate residential use in order to complement the uses already envisaged in the sector and avoid partitioning the site, with 40% of the total being assigned to subsidised housing, and a total of 750 homes.

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