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Connection between the A-2 and the C-32 at Sant Boi de Llobregat (Extension of the Baix Llobregat dual carriageway, in the section between the Ronda Litoral and the C-32)

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  • 2015
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The most  important action is the expansion of the viaduct over the river Llobregat with a further three lanes and the improvement of the access at Sant Boi with the elimination of the La Parellada roundabout and the construction of the Sant Boi – Cornellà junction.

Project Leader

Ramon Juanola Subirana, State engineer for roads, canals and ports, and works director of the State Roads in Catalonia Demarcation of the Ministry of Public Works.


Connect the coastal motorway C-32 with the A-2 Llobregat dual carriageway through a dual carriageway measuring some two kilometres in length, plus some actions in the area of El Prat de Llobregat in order to improve access points.


Essentially the project consists of connecting the current C-32 (former A-16) with the A-2 dual carriageway through a 2 km-long stretch of dual carriageway. A direct connection is also made from the C-32 to the C-31c and vice versa. The overall project will allow a saving of 4.4 km on the journey to the Llobregat junction and the ring-roads “ring” of the so-called “southern leg”, significantly alleviating the intense road traffic in the area.

The project includes the improvement of a total of six links located around the trunk road: those of Cornellà, Sant Boi north, Sant Boi south, that of the C-32 - B-201, that of the Centre Direccional, and the Mas Blau connection. Actions are to be taken on twenty-one structures, between expansions and the construction of new structures.

Also, El Prat is connected with the C-32 from the Enkalene Industrial Estate with a perimeter roadway at the Centre Direccional and the accesses to the Mas Blau industrial estate are improved. Also included is the improvement of the current Canal de Ronda Ponent at El Prat.

The works to execute the connection of the C-32 with the A-2 were awarded in January 2009, and their execution was meant to take 2 years. However, due to difficulties in funding arising from the economic crisis, the works have unfolded at a slower pace than usual, with 51% of the total work executed by 2014. During 2015 it is expected that execution of 66% of the total work will be reached.


  • Total works budget: € 56,628,083.35 € (taxable base).
  • Contracting body: Sociedad Estatal de Infraestructuras del Transporte Terrestre (SEITT, SA) and co-funded by the fund for the TEN-T network.
  • Technical management: State Roads in Catalonia Demarcation of the Spanish Ministry of Public Works.
  • Winning bidder: Isolux-Corsán.
  • Envisaged completion: June 2016
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