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Zona Franca - Gran Via L'Hospitalet Power Station

  • Infrastructure and urban impact equipment
  • Promotion of strategic sectors - Energy
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • Developing
  • Operating
  • Stand-by
Project Leader

Miguel Àngel Clavero Blanquet, manager of Tractament i Selecció de Residus, SA.

TheLa Marinadel Prat Vermell district will enjoy more efficient and less contaminating energy supplies from the year 2011, after a total envisaged investment of 68.3 million euros.

Development of the project was as follows:

  • Phase 1: construction of the heating and cooling power plant atLa Marina(24 MWf and 12 MWt) and construction of the biomass waste-to-energy plant (1.99 MWe) for the tree-cuttings waste from the Barcelona Parks and Gardens department, on the site of the old SEAT thermal power plant in Zona Franca, with the aim of supplying energy to certain users in 2011 and valorising tree-cutting biowaste in energy terms.
  • Phase 2: construction of the heating and cooling power plant (21 MWf and 35 MWt) on the plot where the biomass valorisation plant is sited and construction of the plant (30 MW through a 6-module system) to recover cold from the ENAGAS regasification process, as well as from Zona Franca power station transport network.
  • Phase 3: development of the distribution network for heating (hot water at90 ºC) and cooling (cold water at5 ºC) from the Zona Franca Power Station in theLa Marinadistrict.

The manager of the network is Ecoenergies Barcelona Sud, Zona Franca i Gran Via l'Hospitalet, SA, constituted by Dalkia Energía y Servicios, SA; Barcelona Serveis Municipals, SA; Agefred Servicios, SA, and COPISA Constructora Pirenaica, SA. 

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