Strategic projects PEMB

Support projects for the development of the airport area at Barcelona - El Prat airport

  • Promotion of strategic sectors - Aeronautical
  • Promotion of strategic sectors - Logistics
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • Developing
  • Operating
  • Stand-by

The space devoted to tertiary, aeronautical and air cargo services is being reordered. In addition, a new strategy of improvement of commercial spaces and of the services offered with the aim of them enjoying their stay at the terminal.

Project Leader

Sonia Corrochano Gómez, director of the Airport of Barcelona-El Prat


To strengthen the whole of the airport hub and fund both the airport core overall and the economic impact on the metropolitan territory of the airport activities, logistics, air transport, distribution and business activities.


  • Freight centre: It is a space for responding to the needs of all the companies that participate in the process of the transport of goods by air. It covers a surface area of 40 hectares and its facilities are organised around two operating lines. The first, with direct access to the platform, for cargo terminal operating companies and couriers; and the second line, providing space for facilities for forwarders and other logistics operators. Overall, the centre is the ideal location for all agents related with the air freight business.
  • Airport city: with direct access from terminal T2, it will be designed to house all the services activities (offices, hotels, convention centre, commercial premises, etc.). Market studies are currently being conducted.
  • Aeronautical park: in 2010, activity commenced at the new Iberia hangar, key for the aeronautical sector. This hangar means the start of the establishment of a complementary industry related with aircraft maintenance. The commercialisation of plots of land is currently underway for the construction of airline hangars.
  • Development of shopping areas:
    • T1 Commercial remodelling: in the retail area, given its expansion in the airport, a new strategy is implemented that implicitly involves the renewal of the commercial mix according tot he target of passengers, with the presence of new national and international brands alike.
    • Promotion of the Aena Client Club: as regards the commercial marketing sphere, a major commitment is made to the development of the Aena Client Club, with very competitive benefits and the creation of synergies between the different services offered to the set of airports, in order to achieve maximum loyalty-building among customers.
    • Development of commercial, leisure and sporting services along the Prat de Llobregat coastline, designed for passengers of the airport and for the local population.


  • Freight centre: 40 ha, with a maximum expansion of up to 60 ha.
  • Airport city: 150 ha
  • Aeronautical park: 90 ha

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