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Railway access to the port of Barcelona

2011_Accés ferroviari al Port
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In December 2010 railway circulation between the port of Barcelona and the French border entered into service, with an international (UIC) broad-gauge track that enables the connection of the port to the network of destinations in the centre and north of Europe.

Project Leader

Administrator of Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF) and Ministry of Development.

With this Barcelona has taken a very important qualitative leap towards promoting goods transport by rail and it has become the first point in the whole of Spain to operate with an international gauge.

This connection has been made possible thanks to different actions:

  • Adaptation of the Can Tunis – Castellbisbal goods line and the Castellbisbal-Mollet line for their operation using UIC broad gauge.
  • Remodelling of theLa Llagostainterchange, through the execution of connection lines to the high-speed line.
  • Adaptation of a section of the convention line between Fornells-Vilamalla to double gauge (Iberian+UIC).
  • Execution of the Figueres southern bypass and connection to Vilafant station.

With this improvement it is envisaged that the transport of goods by rail will gain competitiveness thanks to time savings, improved sustainability and increased reliability.


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