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Preparation of an Innovation in Health Community for the research and innovation strategy for the smart specialisation of Catalonia (RIS3CAT)

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  • Promotion of strategic sectors - Health and bio-research
  • 2014
  • 2015
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Biocat is coordinating the preparation of a RIS3CAT Community (Strategy for Research and Innovation for Smart Specialisation of Catalonia) for the period 2017-2020 with the aim of it being presented to the call at the end of 2015. The RIS3CAT Community proposal is set within the framework of the Health Industries sphere, one of the 7 priority sectorial spheres identified in the RIS3CAT.

Project Leader

Albert Barberà, CEO of Biocat, Fundació BioRegió de Catalunya


The RIS3CAT Communities are voluntary groupings of companies and agents from the innovation system that promote R&D+i plans for economic transformation in leading sectorial areas. The proposal for the RIS3CAT Community in the area of health, coordinated by Biocat, will give a response to the main challenges related with health in all its extension, from knowledge to market access, but placing special emphasis on those actions involving Innovation in Health.



The RIS3CAT is the research and innovation strategy for the smart specialisation of Catalonia, and is framed within the Catalonia 2020 strategy (ECAT 2020), as a Government route map for reactivating the economy and reorienting the production sector towards a smarter, more sustainable and more integrational economic model.

One of the tools for the implementation of the strategy are the RIS3CAT communities: voluntary groupings of companies and agents from the R&D and Innovation system that promote R&D and Innovation plans of economic transformation in the leading sectorial spheres.

The constitution of a RIS3CAT Community in the sphere of health becomes a very appropriate instrument for incentivising an innovation ecosystem in health within the Catalan territory, where interests and needs in research and innovation of the different agents of the quadruple helix are aligned, in a common action plan. Biocat, an organisation that coordinates and promotes the life sciences sector in Catalonia, is coordinating a proposal of a community for innovation in health in Catalonia.

During 2014, the capacities and interests of the different organisations in the sector have been identified and the main challenges of the community have been defined.

During 2015, it is expected that a plan of actions resolving these challenges will be defined, based on the capacities of the organisations that will be integrated into the potential community, as well as constituting itself as a community, approving the Plan of actions and requesting accreditation from ACCIÓ.



  • Minimum budget of €7M, of which 70% is FEDER-eligible spending.
  • Maximum FEDER grant for each RIS3CAT community: €6 M


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