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Port of Barcelona. Southern expansion

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The works on the road accesses from the southern junction (phase 1B) and the northern junction (phase 1C) are already under execution.

Project Leader

Ramon Griell Bernadó, Deputy General Director of Infrastructures and Maintenance, Barcelona Port Authority


The Port of Barcelona expansion works will allow a doubling of its capacity, in both quantitative terms (wharves, breakwaters, cranes, accesses) and qualitatively (new shipping lines, more services and more connections). The port will be consolidated as one of the nerve centres and connection hubs of the Mediterranean.



The main actions for the southern expansion of the Port are the construction of the southern breakwater, the extension of the eastern breakwater and the construction of the El Prat wharf. The southern breakwater, already completed, is 4.8 km long and divided into three sections. The extension of the eastern breakwater, also completed, reaches a length of 2.1 km. At the El Prat wharf, a wharf is being built measuring 1.5 km in length, with a depth of 16.50 m, generating a surface area of 100 hectares.

During 2014, the works have continued associated with road and rail accesses as well as the second phase of the Containers Terminal. The first phase of the new Containers Terminal has been fully operational since September 2012.

During 2015 it is envisaged that the entire wharf line of 1,500 m will be brought into operation, along with the second phase of the terminal, reaching 80 Ha of the 100 Ha planned. In parallel, it is envisaged that progress will be made on the road and railway accesses to the Southern Extension.



Southern expansion budget: €800 million

  • The surface area of sheltered water will increase from 370 ha to 786 ha
  • The land surface will increase from 558 ha to 1,265 ha
  • The wharves line will grow from 19,766 m to 29,702 m


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