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LIVE Platform Barcelona (Logistics for the Implementation of the Electric Vehicle)

  • Environmental protection and sustainable urban systems
  • 2010
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The LIVE platform has given support to the Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS27), the most important congress in the world, held every year in a different continent. This year’s edition achieved record participation, with more than 4,000 visitors, 1,300 delegates and 232 exhibitors.

Project Leader

Ramon Pruneda Felip, Director of the Barcelona Activa project

LIVE Barcelona is a public-private platform. Led by Barcelona City Council, the city’s Metropolitan Area and the Government of Catalonia, it is open to all companies and entities with a direct interest in electrical and CNG (compressed natural gas) mobility, with the dual objective of developing high value-added projects and new business models, and creating a knowledge network.

The objectives pursued by the platform are of great interest both for positioning Barcelona and Catalonia, and for fostering a business channel that will become strategic for our automotion industry, among them:

  • To maintain and increase Barcelona’s and Catalonia’s strategic positioning as an international centre of excellence in the sustainable mobility sector.
  • To become the meeting point for the different public plans in the area (Barcelona, Metropolitan Area, Catalonia), as well as to share experiences and needs with the private sector.
  • To give support to the private sector in fostering the implementation of strategic local and international projects, and to respond to the sector’s requirements and interests.

2013 was a key year for the platform’s development, with the incorporation of new partners and the definition of a joint plan of action that will allow it to achieve its planned objectives in 2014.

For 2014, the following lines of action are planned:

  • Setting up four committees and eight working groups led by the partners to foster innovative initiatives.
  • Identification of and support to projects in the field of sustainable mobility.
  • Participation in international events.
  • Publication of the sector guide on electric mobility.
  • Support to training initiatives.
  • Reinforcement of communication elements (updating website and enhancing the social networks).



  • Budget forecast for 2014: €164,000, to execute the following actions:
    • Support to the strategic plans promoted by the public administrations,
    • identification, incubation, coordination of initiatives designed for the development of sustainable mobility,
    • facilitation of tools for industrial and economic transformation, and
    • centre of support to businesses (communication hub) for knowledge communication, promotion and transfer.

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