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L'H on, the future ahead

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L’Hospitalet starts off on the third transformation of the city to improve the employment, culture, education and welfare of its citizens.

Project Leader

Joan Francesc Marco, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for the Strategic Development of Hospitalet City Council

L’H On is a strategic and forward-looking project for the city taking it up to 2030. Among other characteristics, it is a lively project open to citizen participation through the City Council of L’Hospitalet.

The L’H On project is the result of a participative process that lasted for over six months, involving specialists, municipal technicians, social, sports, cultural and trade union entities, business associations, citizens and the city’s associative and economic fabric. A process that, in person or through the social media, attracted the participation of six thousand people.

The project has two general strategic objectives and seven strategic aims.

The general strategic objectives are:

  • L’Hospitalet, second economic powerhouse of Catalonia
  • L’Hospitalet, key city for culture

The strategic aims are:

  • L’Hospitalet, a new centrality for the metropolitan area
  • L’Hospitalet and its economic development
  • L’Hospitalet, sustainable and digitalised city
  • A fresh commitment for civic responsibility and commitment with l’Hospitalet
  • L’Hospitalet aims to be a central city of the metropolitan culture
  • L’Hospitalet aims to guarantee equality of opportunities with education and training
  • L’Hospitalet aims to be a better connected city


These strategic aims also involve thirty specific actions and projects.

2013 was the year when the project is defined and 2014 the year when the actions and projects were activated, including the conference held on 30 January 2014 entitled “At l’Hospitalet we are working for the economy and culture at the service of the people”.


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