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Connection between the A-2 and the AP-7 near Castellbisball

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The Ministry of Public Works will shortly approve the complementary road works that will expand the road capacity of the connection of the New Link with the A-2 and the AP-7, by adding two direct lanes for entrance and exit of the 4 connections (A-2 and AP-7 both Lleida- and Girona-bound). Furthermore, in the case of the AP-7 Girona-bound, the AP-7 will be widened to a 5th lane until the fork with the side carriageway (B-30).

Project Leader

Ramon Juanola Subirana, State engineer for roads, canals and ports, and works director of the State Roads in Catalonia Demarcation of the Ministry of Public Works.


  • To construct the 2.4 km of road that will connect the A-2 and the AP-7 and that will cut the journey short by over 12 km around the road network of the Baix Llobregat.


The project will enable the connection between the Baix Llobregat dual carriageway and the AP-7 motorway. This connection has a section of dual carriageway, with a length of 2.4 kilometres, of which 850 metres are a viaduct. The route begins with two branches that connect with the carriageways of the Baix Llobregat dual carriageway ((A-2), in the Tarragona- and Lleida-bound directions and that will cross the Llobregat river independently. The roads then converge subsequently forming a single road axis that corresponds to the main trunk road of the junction. This trunk road is supported by the vertex of the industrial estate of Sant Vicenç, turns left and crosses the Riera de Rubí water course and the railway infrastructures corresponding to the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train, the RENFE dual mixed transit line and the RENFE goods line.

Subsequently, the junction trunk road emerges northwards, parallel to the Riera water course, under the existing structures of the AP-7. Then, the two carriageways separate once more to connect with the heights of the AP-7 which are widened for 500 metres to five lanes in each direction.

The new junction road has a connection with the C-1413 main road

During 2014 the walls around the A-2 area were completed. With respect to the left bank of the Riera de Rubí, work continues with the improvement of the land, the side wall was completed and work continued with the movement of soil and structures of the junction with the C-1413 main road. Around the AP-7 area, a new tunnel under the AP-7 (Girona-bound carriageway) was executed, completing the new access road tot he Roques Blanques cemetery, and the start of soil movement for the widening of the carriageway of the AP-7 began.

For 2015 it was planned to continue with the movements of earth, the esplanade and the expanding of the structure of the A-2 and AP-7, the completion of the expansion of the acoustic screen at Sant Andreu de La Barca and the completion of the movement of soil and structures in the area around the junction with the C-1413 main road (on the left bank of the Riera de Rubí). But the works were stopped again, without information on the date of resumption or the date of termination.


  • Works length: 2.4 km
  • Includes a mixed steel and concrete viaduct measuring 850 m in length that runs over the A-2 dual carriageway, the river Llobregat, the Riera de Rubí and 6 ADIF railway tracks.
  • Average traffic forecast: 40,000 vehicles per day
  • Winning bidder: Ferrovial Agroman
  • Value of the construction work: €55.62 M

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