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Big Data Centre of Excellence in Barcelona (Big Data CoE)

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The centre bases its value proposal on the following pillars:

  1. Neutral agent with expert knowledge of the state of the art of Big Data.
  2. Set of cooperating exerts in numerous fields and sectors.
  3. Versatile infrastructure for the fast prototyping of projects and concept tests.
  4. Gatherer and facilitator of data sets.
  5. Knowledge transfer in each activity.


Project Leader

Marc Torrent Moreno, director of the Big Data Centre of Excellence in Barcelona


The strategic objectives of the Big Data Centre of Excellence in Barcelona are:

  1. To create a space for innovation that helps make the value of data tangible for companies.
  2. To integrate the key technological offering in Big Data.
  3. To train companies and professionals in the Big Data field.
  4. To become an international reference point in this sphere.



The Big Data Centre of Excellence in Barcelona is an initiative headed by the Eurecat – BDigital technology centre which has been created with the support of Oracle and the backing of the Government of Catalonia and of Barcelona City Council.

It constructs, evolves, gathers and makes available to companies differential Big Data-related specialised knowledge, tools, data sets and infrastructures that will allow them to define, experiment with and validate Big Data models and their impact on business, as well as define innovative solutions within a collaborative framework with key agents from the sector.

It bases its activity on the following 4 pillars:

  1. Generation of knowledge: bringing together tendencies, practical cases, reference professionals and relevant solutions in the sector, participating actively in the generation of new, leading-edge knowledge in the subject area.
  2. Provision of data evaluation services: the main activity of the Big Data CoE of Barcelona consists of the sale and execution of innovation projects and concept testing for its clients, as well as expert advice on Big Data, in order to accelerate the implementation of innovative technological solutions in the market.
  3. Big Data Talent: training programme that pursues knowledge transfer and the training of professionals in Big Data technologies and the identification of talent in order to train it and provide a response to demand from companies for these kinds of specialised profiles.
  4. Dissemination: the Big Data CoE Barcelona promotes data culture in the business and social sphere based on the dissemination of tendencies, benefits and good practices in Big Data, both within an own programme of Big Data events, and through the participation of experts in the subject at events organised by third parties.



The Big Data Centre of Excellence is a public-private initiative located in the Barcelona Growth Centre building that has kicked off with a global budget of €650,000.

The main assets owned by the Big Data Centre of Excellence in Barcelona are:

  • Own infrastructure
  • Analytical Tools
  • Data Sets
  • Big Data Experts (Data Engineers and Data Scientists)
  • Success Cases and Best Practices
  • Innovation Space (Big Data Showroom)


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