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Barcelona as a cluster for higher education - Barcelona Centre Universitari (BCU)

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The BCU boasts a unique public-private model of cooperation. This institution aims to position Barcelona as an international university city with a higher education system that offers incentives for innovation, the attraction of talent and creativity. 

Project Leader

Montse Serret, Director of the Barcelona Centre Universitari - Fundació Bosch i Gimpera

The aim of the higher education cluster is to revaluate Barcelona’s educational supply, by bringing together universities and schools of business. Boasting the support of the educational institutions that make it up, the cluster will enable international promotion, to bring students and scientists from around the world to Barcelona. Moreover, the cluster additionally aspires to strengthen and improve the supply of the local educational institutions, in order to increase the number of programmes of excellence, open up the sector to external markets and establish strategic alliances with the main educational institutions and the governmental bodies, so as to facilitate the flow of students among different countries. 

For the future, the BCU aspires to coordinate and update the supply of the university and research system of the Barcelona Global Masters, through the Study in Catalonia portal. The Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Government have made a steadfast commitment to universities, business schools and companies; and there is no doubt that the success of traditional public-private cooperation was the key to the transformation of Barcelona.

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