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Alba Synchrotron light source

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The Alba Syncrotron light source is the single most important scientific facility in south-west Europe. 

Project Leader

Ramon Pascual, President of the CELLS Executive Committee.

The facility consists of a linear accelerator and a synchrotron which accelerate electrons to near-light speeds, at an energy of 3 GeV. The electrons are then injected into a 270-metre perimeter storage ring, optimised to produce a continuum of long-wave electromagnetic radiation, from infrared light to X-rays. Its characteristics as a third-generation light source, with most of the light coming from insertion devices (oscillators and undulators), put it on a par with new installations in Germany, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom.

The accelerator complex and experimental stations were optimised for use in the following techniques:

  • Bill of materials with X-ray diffraction
  • Cryogenic tomography and X-ray spectroscopy
  • X-ray diffraction of non-crystalline materials
  • Protein crystallography
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Magnetic modelling at nanometric scale by photoemission electron microscopy
  • Surface chemistry through photoemission at near-ambient pressure
  • Magnetism, surface magnetism and magnetic structure

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