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Torribera Food and Nutrition Campus

  • Promotion of strategic sectors - Agrifood
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In the area of nutrition and health, the Torribera Food and Nutrition Campus forms part of the Campus of International Excellence project, and also forms part of the BKC Campus of International Excellence, thanks to its teaching connections with the School of Pharmacy.

Project Leader

Màrius Rubiralta Alcañiz, Director of the Torribera Food and Nutrition Campus

The Torribera Food and Nutrition Campus, promoted by the Universitat de Barcelona, is the result of an agreement among the Diputació de Barcelona (the Barcelona Provincial Council, which owns the grounds of Torribera), the City Council of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and the Universitat de Barcelona itself. The aim of this agreement is to place on the premises of Torribera, which are located within the municipal area of Santa Coloma and at the foot of the mountains of the Serralada de Marina, a university environment for the food and nutrition sciences from the educational standpoint, offering university degrees and master’s degrees, with a research dimension, coordinated by the Institut de Recerca en Nutrició i Seguretat Alimentària (Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety Research INSA-UB), and with activities involving the transfer of knowledge to the production  sector, as well as outreach  to the general society.

The Universitat de Barcelona has set up this campus as an environment for the coordination of other agents within the food and nutrition sector, in a broad sense, which include the CETT (University School of Hotel, Catering and Tourism), and outside work through the necessary strategic alliances that are formed to provide support to the Catalan institutions with potential in this field. 

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