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National Genome Analysis Centre (CNAG)

  • Promotion of strategic sectors - Health and bio-research
  • 2009
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The mission of the CNAG is to carry out projects in genome analysis that will lead to significant improvements in people’s health and quality of life, in collaboration with the catalan, spanish, european and international research and clinical community.

Project Leader

Ivo Gut, Director of the National Genome Analysis Centre 


The mission of the National Genome Analysis Centre (known under its Spanish acronym, CNAG) is to carry out large-scale DNA analysis projects in collaboration with researchers from Catalonia, Spain and other parts of the world, whether from research centres, private companies, hospitals or universities. 

The CNAG consolidated itself as a key agent of the biomedical cluster within Catalonia and offered the different research groups a top-notch scientific infrastructure. The centre currently offers a wide array of genome applications that include de novo sequencing and whole genome resequencing, the resequencing of exomes or specific regions, the identification of points of union in the DNA and RNA sequencing.

The CNAG is participating in seven European projects of the 7th framework programme and is an active member of the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) through its genome sequencing of many different types of cancer. The CNAG will work intensely to develop new genome sequencing techniques and to improve the tools for the analysis of the data obtained.


  • Budget: €3.75 M
  • Sources of finance: State Administration (MINECO), Government of Catalonia (Ministries of Health and Economy and Knowledge), competitive public projects and contracts with companies, universities and research centres
  • Installations: 12 state-of-the-art sets of sequencing equipment and a powerful cluster with over 900 computation nodes
  • Personnel: 50 employees

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