Strategic projects PEMB

Barcelona Economic Triangle

  • Economic Promotion and international projection
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • Developing
  • Operating
  • Stand-by

Barcelona Economic Triangle project is one of the main initiatives for the international promotion of metropolitan real estate and investment opportunities in our territory.

Project Leader

Mario Rubert, Director of International Economic Promotion of Barcelona Activa.

The project partners, the Catalan Government and Barcelona City Council, work together to present projects that provide land for new business activities based on the knowledge economy, integrate into their environment, promote sustainable mobility and are linked to universities and research centres and innovation.

This project has been the first test laboratory for a metropolitan sector promotion, led by the Barcelona brand and intended to involve not only the territory but also private partners who have viewed this initiative positively in terms of their internationalisation strategy.

Participation by private companies is consolidated, complementing the message and value proposition of our territory in the different international scenarios in which it has a presence.

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