Executive Committee

The Executive Committee assumes by delegation those functions it considers opportune for the proper and expedite functioning of the Association. It also takes charge of transmitting to the Steering Council the information and documentation necessary for taking decisions.

The Executive Committee is made up of a maximum of 15 people, appointed by the Steering Council, proposed by the founding institutions and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The posts of President and Vice-President are designated by the Steering Council from among the members of the Executive Committee.

Janet Sanz, Barcelona City Council

Economic and social founding institutions
Aena-Barcelona Airport. Sonia Corrochano, Director
Port of Barcelona. Santiago García-Milà. General Deputy Director of Strategy and Sales
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navegation of Barcelona. Xavier Carbonell, Managing Director
Economics Circle. Jordi Alberich, General Director
Comissions Obreres (trade union). Toni Mora, Secretary for Territorial Policy, Social Action and Migration
Zona Franca Consortium of Barcelona. Anton Ferré, General Secretary
Fira Barcelona (trade fair). Constantí Serrallonga, General Director
Foment del Treball Nacional (employers' federation). Salvador Guillermo, Director of Economic and Fiscal Studies
Unió General de Treballadors (trade union) of Catalonia. Josep Sancristòfol, General Secretary of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona
University of Barcelona. Xavier Testar, Delegate of the Dean for Special Innovation Actions

Proposed by the AMB
Jaume Collboni, vici president of Economic Promotion of the AMB
Francesc Magrinyà, director of Strategic Planification of the AMB
Salvador Milà, director of the Presidency Area of the AMB
Ramon M. Torra, manager of the AMB

Two representatives from the Territorial Committee (pending designation)

The meetings of the Executive Committee are attended by the PEMB's General Coordinator, Oriol Estela.


Update: Juny 2016

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