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The Metropolitan Dialogue of Barcelona

Innovation through Co-creation: Beyond City Limits

Candrom Carrer Concepci Arenal 165, 08027, Barcelona
15:30 h.
The Metropolitan Dialogue of Barcelona

How does a Metropolis imagine its future? How can cities, businesses, institutions, and citizens come together to co-create a brighter tomorrow?

Join us on the 6th of November, the day before the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023, for a ground-breaking event focused on the topic of participatory processes and stakeholder engagement. Dive deep into Barcelona's esteemed title as the European Capital of Democracy 2023 and get acquainted with the ambitious Metropolitan Commitment 2030. From nurturing an inclusive economic ecosystem, and braving climate adversities, to ensuring every citizen's cultural and housing rights, the metropolis stands on the precipice of change.

Expecting just another high-level summit with boring presentations? Don't worry, this event promises to bring in dynamic formats to get to the bottom and bring the insights to the surface.

We extend an invitation to all visionaries, pioneers, and urban enthusiasts. Together, we'll co-create the future, merging social and digital innovation. Our aim? To embark on a passionate journey, bringing the Quadruple Helix to the forefront of metropolitan transformation.
Metropol...what? Metropolitan Missions. Metropolitan Participation. Metropolitan Innovation. Metropolitan Transformation. Save the Date and join us for an active event and a day filled with excitement.

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P.S. Drinks will be served afterwards, of course.

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