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New E cruise ships terminal at the Adossat Wharf of the Port of Barcelona

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Terminal E will be prepared to receive post-Panamax cruise ships, with a capacity of 4,500 passengers in itinerary turnaround operations. This is an investment whose objective will be to respond to tne future needs of the industry, such as giving service to increasingly large boats which, in addition, have the city of Barcelona as their base port in the Mediterranean area.

Project Leader

Ramon Griell Bernadó, general assistant director of Infrastructures and Conservation

Project objectives

Construction of a new Terminal for Cruise Ships on the Adossat Wharf of the Port of Barcelona.


Project description:

The new E Terminal for Cruise Ships is planned on the Adossat Wharf of the Port of Barcelona, in continuation of the D Cruise Ships Terminal and it will be operated by Grup Carnival.

The planned building is of rectangular geometry, 120 m long and 60 m deep and is connected to the ship via a walkway build adjacent to the building which gives access to two mobile walkways. The project includes the adaptation of the terrestrial accesses, as well as the urban development of the surrounding area.

During the year 2014, drawing up began of the studies and construction design projects. And during 2015 it is envisagd that works on different phases of the Terminal will be initiated.


Key economic and technical details

  • Total built surface: 11,500 m²
  • Total investment: €20 million


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