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Extension of Barcelona - El Prat airport

2010_Ampliació Aeroport
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The objective of the Barcelona Plan was to double the capacity of Barcelona airport (to 55 million passengers/year and 500,000 tons/year of goods at a rate of 90 operations/hour), and equip it with 250 hectares of services area. It was also intended to plan the airport’s future growth into a first-class services and modal exchange platform, while maintaining maximum respect for the environment. 

Project Leader

Marcial Sedano Mazarío, Director of Aena's Barcelona Plan.

These objectives were achieved with the coming into service of the T1 terminal in June 2009, the last of the actions under the plan, which had already seen the bringing into operation of the third runway in September 2004 and the development of the services area (loading area, aeronautical park and airport city).

Current actions:

  • Construction of a new control tower to support the main tower, located near terminal T1.
  • Construction of a maintenance hangar by Iberia.
  • Construction of two extra floors in the parking buildings facing terminals A and C.
  • Development of the air cargo and reserve zones.

Work is currently on-going on drawing up the constructive projects for the future Satellite building, its associated platform and the refurbishment of terminal T2, expected to be completed in 2011.

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