What is the new Plan?

On 18 March 2014, the General Council approved the drawing up of a new Metropolitan Strategic Plan. The objective of this new Plan - which will be the third with a metropolitan scope - is the creation of a common vision between the different public and private actors of the metropolis on the Barcelona of 2025.

The Base Document, starting point of the new Plan, opts for the consolidation of the “Barcelona model” which combines starting point of the new Plan, opts for the consolidation of the “Barcelona model” which combines economic growth based on the pillars of the new industry, the knowledge economy and the creative industries, with a metropolis with a high level of social cohesion.

This new plan must be adapted to the changes in the environment that have taken place in recent years:

  • The crisis of recent years has been of a magnitude – both in economic and social terms – that it was difficult to foresee at the time that the previous Strategic Plan was drawn up. The effects of the crisis have caused a notable increase in the inequalities that exist. As a consequence, the emergence from the crisis will be in a radically different environment to what could be imagined in the period 2009-2010.
  • In late 2010, the creation of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona was approved. This supramunicipal organisation encompasses 36 municipalities around the city of Barcelona and, among other functions assigned to it is that of strategic planning. The existence of this body, demanded for a long time, allowed access to new strategic planning tools on a metropolitan level, while becoming an actor of reference for the PEMB. 
  • This new plan also aims to incorporate the appearance of new growth strategies in the European sphere, such as the Europe 2020 Plan, and the national and regional growth and national cohesion policy RIS-3.


In addition, the need to incorporate into the new process of strategic reflection, in a more intense way, economic and social organisations and institutions, especially those that form part of the General Council.

As all the previous strategic plans it is based on a participatory process in which the economic and social agents of the metropolis intervene.


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