Review of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan

Period 2006-2010

  • 20-01-2006
  • 8217 Reading

This work document was presented, debated and approved at the meeting of vice-presidents of the Delegate Committee on 20 January 2006 at Palauet Albéniz.

Skyline of Barcelona

This review included a balance of the implementation of the Plan two and a half years following its approval and on the validity of its objectives, a reconsideration of the organisational chart and the vision, targets and projects for the period 2006-2010.

One of the prominent points of this update of the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan was the new vision for the future for the period 2006-2010, which placed the accent on the idea of “Barcelona, creative territory”. 

This vision made clear the desire to reinforce - both in the economic and the social sphere and in terms of quality of life- the vectors of creativity as a basic element in the creation of new wealth (companies and sectors) and as a key factor in the new demands of a changing social model that had to become an element of cohesion and coexistence.

This new vision was supported by four strategic pillars:

  • Innovate knowledge and its availability.
  • New ways of doing business with the appropriate infrastructures.
  • Coexistence 2020.
  • Advancing the changes.

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