The Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PEMB) is a not-for-profit association, presided over by the President of the AMB.

Its structure is as follows:

  • General Council. Supreme governing body, made up of over three hundred institutions, organisations and individuals closely linked to the metropolis of Barcelona.
  • Governing Council. Body of government, administration and representation. 
  • Executive Committee. Through delegation it performs those duties necessary for the smooth functioning of the Association. It forwards to the Steering Council any information and documentation necessary for the latter to make decisions.
  • Territorial Committee. Acts as a consulting body, in a way complementary to the governing bodies. It provides a territorial and metropolitan perspective for all the activities carried out by the PEMB.
  • Advisory Committee. Carries out the monitoring of tasks such as the discussion and drafting of the new Strategic Plan 2025 with the aim of guaranteeing its internal coherence.
  • Coordination Office. Takes charge of the monitoring of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan in force, of contact with the associated institutions and of international relations.

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